Clerk of Courts


The Clerk of Courts is responsible for general oversight of the day to day operations of the Clerk’s office, and other responsibilities designated by the Ohio Revised Code. The Clerk’s office is broken down into the Traffic/Criminal division, Civil division, and administrative functions such as bookkeeping and record keeping. Generally a Clerk of Courts will delegate certain functions, such as accepting filings, processing cases and updating files to a deputy clerk.

A Clerk of Courts may be elected or appointed by the Court depending on the population of the jurisdiction served by the Court. Based on the population of the 8 jurisdictions served by the Parma Municipal Court District, Martin E. Vittardi has been elected to serve as the Clerk of Court since 1991.

The Clerk's Office CAN:

  1. Help you understand how court works;
  2. Answer questions you may have about court procedures;
  3. Help you find information about your case;
  4. Answer questions about monies owed to the court;
  5. Direct you to other agencies who can provide assistance;
  6. Direct you to where you have to appear in court;
  7. Give you scheduling information.

The Clerk's Office CANNOT:

  2. Fill out forms for you;
  3. Tell you what to say or write;
  4. Recommend Lawyers or Bonding Agents;
  5. Reschedule for the Judges' offices.