Traffic/Criminal Court Costs


Effective: 10/19/23


Item Cost
Change of Plea $10.00

Special Funds

Item Cost
Victims of Crime $9.00 State Costs
Indigent Defense Supp Fund HB1 $30.00 State Costs (Felonies)
Indigent Defense Supp Fund HB1 $20.00 State Costs (Misdemeanors & Moving Traffic Offenses)
Indigent Defense Supp Fund HB1 $10.00 State Costs (Non-Moving Offenses)
Computer Legal Research $3.00 per case
Court Computerization Fee $10.00 per case
Court Cost $10.00 per case (city)
Crimestoppers $1.00 per Felony & Misdemeanor Criminal Case
CRIS Fee $5.00 per count (Cuyahoga Regional Information System)
Drug Law Enforcement $3.39 State Costs OVI & Traffic (except non-moving)
Facilities Management Fund $5.00 per case
Indigent Driver Alcohol Treatment $1.50 State Costs OVI & Traffic (except non-moving)
Justice Program Services Fund $.11 State Costs OVI & Traffic (except non-moving)
Probation Fee Non-Reporting $35.00
Probation Fee Reporting $50.00
Public Defender Fee $25.00 per request
State Fund HB562 $5.00 State Costs OVI & Traffic (except non-moving)
Traffic Intervention Fee (TIP) $50.00 per Defendant
Court Costs $39.00
Appeals $50.00 city / $175.00 Court of Appeals
Credit Card Fee $5.00 per transaction
Web Late Payment Fee $5.00
Immobilization Fee $1.50
Interlock Fee $2.50
First Time Offender Investigation $25.00
First Time Offender Program $150.00


Item Cost
Bond Fee $5.00 (city)
Bond Costs 10% of a 10% bond (city)
Bond Surcharge $25.00
Felony Bond Fee $85.00
Bond Forfeiture Hearing $10.00


Item Cost
Warrant Fee $25.00 (city)
Warrant Block Released $15.00

Trial / Pretrial Costs

Item Cost
Subpoenas $11.00 per person ($6.00 to witness, $5.00 to city)
Jury $25.00 per person per day (including alternates)
Continuances $5.00 per request

Entries / Copies / Transcripts

Item Cost
Certified Entry $1.00 (city)
Copies $.05 per page including computer print-out or photostat (city)
Transcripts $300.00 deposit cost of $3.50 per page (city)


Item Cost
Motion For Driving Privilege $10.00
Motion to Modify Driving Privilege $10.00
Motion to Terminate ALS $10.00
Motion to Reinstate $10.00


Item Cost 
Expungement Filing Fee $100.00 
Non Conviction $0.00
Diversion Dismissal $0.00


Item Cost
Waiver Summons $20.00
Notice of Warrant $20.00
Failure to Appear $20.00

Time to Pay / Payment Plan

Item Cost
Payment Program $20.00 Per case (city)
Show Cause Hearing $10.00
Collection Fee $30% of total

Non-Sufficient Funds Check

Item Cost
NSF Fee $35.00 (city)